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Who We Are

Our Story

We consider ourselves a close knit family. We had open conversations,  family get togethers, went on trips, outings and spent quality family time together. 

John was very proud of his family. He had so much to live for: three children, a high school sweetheart he married for 31 years, 3 grandchildren and another on the way.  But, on October 8th 2020 our world was rocked when John took his own life unexpectedly. John didn’t reach out to anyone that we know of, he had no visible signs to anyone and was not clinically  diagnosed.

We wanted to create this fund so that every family has access to mental health support, as well as trauma/grief counselling in times of crisis.

Johnny Z Healthy Minds Fund

Our Approach

Johnny Z Healthy Minds Fund

— Our Mission

Support organizations like the Buddy Up Program to help end the stigma surrounding mens mental health. Provide funding for educational therapy so everyone has access to trauma/grief counselling.


— Our Vision

One day, families dealing with mental health issues—whether personally or as a caregiver–will have access to support, services and educational tools to understand how to move positively and boldly into the future of a happy life—without fear or stigma.


— Our Values

  • Respect for everyone affected by mental illness
  • Accountability to our supporters
  • Excellence, innovation and growth in community-based mental health care